I grew up in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle and San Francisco’s Mission District, experimenting with art, music and film from a young age.  After a patchwork of jobs and a personal transformation and recovery from addiction, I returned to college, starting over and working my way to a PhD in Digital Art and Experimental Media at the University of Washington.  Today, I live with my family in the Philadelphia area, working as a digital artist, developer, and teacher at Drexel University.


The projects I make are driven by a fascination with poetry, cinema, and technology, a love for working with others and learning from people who are different from me.  Creative work with choreographers, musicians, actors, theater production, engineers, and game-designers push my practice into new territories and expand my artistic language. 


I work with immersive and interactive media as expanded cinema and narrative.  My artistic research involves the production of digital artworks, inquiry into experimental and contemporary storytelling, and deep engagement with technology.  My professional experience is international and spans twenty years with projects for VR, stage performance, gallery installation, and screen. 


The themes in my work center in mental health, transformation, and the fragility of reality.  Narrative shape, content, and tone are often autobiographical, expressing a journey from fragmentation to clarity.  I combine synthetic and computer-generated media with photographic and concrete materials to transcend and reorient known forms and spaces.  Experiences are designed to enable viewer inhabitance, creating worlds that exist in the union between audience and environment.  The nuances of the human body and voice are convergent points in my work, providing intimate performative moments in the abstractions.  The goal of my work is to create poetry: instances of language that elevate the familiar and enable new knowledge through experience.