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Anfractuous, 2020-21 (in progress)

interactive dance media

Anfracuous is an interactive dance media artwork that invites viewers to activate the choreography through choice and play.  It is a collaboration with choreographer Jennifer Salk and funded in part by a Mellon Creative Research grant.  The project is currently in development with early system design, visuals, cinematography tests, and interaction currently being explored.

recent process images from level design and composite tests:

Interface design, visual development and prototyping:


Similar to a game, the piece is experienced through a mobile device or computer.  Video panels are arranged on the screen and display various angles, spaces and moving bodies and audiences search for visual and sonic relationships between the videos.  As correlations are found and the viewer progresses, dance film vignettes appear, and the overall form and meaning of the choreography manifests.  Audiences engage multiple senses to author their own flow and order of the dance with each experience.

Behind the scene images from June 18 live-action VFX shoot at Victory Studios, Seattle

Video describing early concept and mechanics:

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