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Begin Again, 2017

real-time video & dance

Six mobile screen surfaces shifted on stage by the dancers, create various image spaces to accompany their movement.  Video content is composed six-wide, broken into discrete tiles, then projection-mapped for each scene.   

Projection surfaces / set pieces were designed and integrated into the choreography early in the process, then sounds brought in, costume design, and images conceived.  After the ingredients had each established an individual character, they were sculpted around each other, adjusted so the components are seen as one.

Video Excerpt includes performance recording, video projection content, and soundtrack

The conversation started with destruction, the fragile artifacts of human history, and regrowth with lingering nostalgia.  This theme is universal, ancient.  The machines of progress in conflict with past ways and tradition.  We see this in the work: movement, images, and sounds build then come apart and settle into stillness.  The rigid and rhythmic oscillate with gentle flowing forms, referent and abstract converging.

Project created with producer / choreographer Jennifer Salk, composer Paul Moore, costume designers Christine Meyers / Michelle Lesniak, and lighting designer Amiya Brown.  Performed three nights at Meany Center for Performing Arts, Seattle, January 2017, and at the Seattle International Dance festival 2018.

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