Between this Image, 2013

stereoscopic-3D video, sound, mixed media

Between This Image embeds stereoscopic-3D video and sound into constructed scenery in the exhibition space, inviting viewers to navigate the physical and projected content.  The piece depicts a video-recorded figure facing the impossibility of becoming conscious or self-aware and was based partly on Magritte’s painting, La Reproduction Interdite (1937).  In addition, text content informed by Adolfo Casares’ novel, The Invention of Morel, was written then recorded by a voice actor.  Clips of the text were edited and categorized by parts of speech then sentences algorithmically assembled.  Stereoscopic-3D images are projected onto a transparent scrim surface to create a holographic effect between the real space and the media.  The two-way mirror in the rear of the set piece reflects the scrim and displays images from the monitor mounted behind, creating a recursive reflection moment.