Fictions, 2017

VR cinema (work in progress)

Trailer experpt for work in progress

     Three characters use a fictional augmented reality device to resolve personal questions, and we discover their stories through viewer interaction in the game-space.  We see them as subjects, wearing goggle devices in an observation lab, patients in a contained area.  The stories are glimpsed here, but also through 360 degree immersive images that represent displaced memories or spaces, the past and present.  And the viewer weaves deeper into their individual narratives, gaining ability to find links between the stories.
     Production for this piece has started with writings, audio recordings, 3D models, with some preliminary stereo-360 photography, set-design, and stereo-3D video.  Making materials early and experimenting with their arrangement is important as the narrative develops.  In the next two months, a script and storyboard will be complete paving the way for principle photography, CG modeling, and game-design.


Software: Maya, Unity, AfterEffects, Reaper, PTGui, Supercollider
Hardware:  HTC Vive, Nvidia GTX 980 Ti, Robert Rig, Canon 5d Mark II, Black Magic Ursa, H4n  
Credits: Credits: Andrew Theisen (technical design / programmer),

Jeffrey Frace (voice/man), Leslie Kraus (voice/woman),

Joseph Blake (hidden man)