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The Final Image, 2018-19

VR cinema, multi-media installation

The Final Image is a VR narrative integrating stereoscopic-3D panoramas, interactive spaces, and soundscape to form a visual-sonic experience of fragmented recollections, and an inner journey towards clarity.  Viewers move debris and traverse passages to discover a dark and surreal world that oscillates between abstraction and realism in the spirit of experimental cinema.

The work can be downloaded via then experienced using the appropriate head-mounted display (Vive, Oculus, or Index):

The Final Image also takes the form of an art installation where a selection of image and sound materials from the work are isolated and exhibited in physical space along with the intended VR form.  Additional video and voice recordings captured during the process of making the work are also present and provide additional layers of context and character. 

Narrations from the work, performed by Terence Kelley

Walkthrough demonstration of The Final Image: 

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